Maya Garden Sofa Set

Sale price$6,990.00 USD

Color: Dark Grey

Harmonious Design

The OKUGAISUN Maya Collection embodies the principles of modernism with its harmonious blend of function and structure. Meticulously crafted with contemporary design in mind, this collection showcases a nature-sensitive approach that seamlessly integrates with any outdoor setting.

All-Season Durability

Designed for year-round use, the Maya Collection features an aluminum frame and high-quality, water-resistant fabric. This combination ensures the furniture's durability and resistance to the elements, making it suitable for various outdoor conditions. Enjoy outdoor lounging, dining, or relaxation without worrying about weather-related wear and tear.

Versatile Options

The Maya Collection offers a wide range of options to suit different outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking for a lounge set, dining set, or chaise lounge, this collection provides versatile choices to meet your specific needs. Create a cohesive and stylish outdoor setting with the OKUGAISUN Maya Collection, enhancing your garden, balcony, terrace, or winter garden with its functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.