Maya Garden Sofa Set

Sale price$6,990.00 USD

Nature-inspired Design

Immerse yourself in nature with our Nature-inspired Maya Garden Sofa Set. Crafted with a design inspired by the beauty of the natural world, this set brings a sense of tranquility to any outdoor space. Create an inviting and serene atmosphere with the rustic charm of handwoven rattan. Elevate your outdoor experience with the timeless elegance of OkugaiSun Maya Garden Sofa Set.

All-Season Durability

Designed for year-round use, the Maya Collection features an aluminum frame and high-quality, water-resistant fabric. This combination ensures the furniture's durability and resistance to the elements, making it suitable for various outdoor conditions. Enjoy outdoor lounging, dining, or relaxation without worrying about weather-related wear and tear.

UV Resistant & Waterproof

Experience the durability of our Maya Garden Sofa Set with its UV resistant and waterproof design. Built to withstand the elements, this set offers long-lasting protection against sun damage and wet weather. Enjoy your outdoor space without worry, as our Maya Garden Sofa Set remains beautiful and resilient in any conditions.